Receive text ribbon for FREE

Receive text ribbon ''ti amo'' for FREE along with your order ?

These trendy ribbons are an absolute must have for this summer!
Make sure to add them to your collection and design the most amazing creations!  

When ordering one of the selected text ribbons, you will receive a roll with text ribbon ''ti amo'' with a value of €3.99 for FREE! *
If you order all 6 selected ribbons, you will receive 6 “ti amo” ribbons for free!

The value can be as high as approximately €24,-. While stock lasts!


Promotion valid until 07-08-2022 on the following item numbers: 77304, 77303, 77299, 77297, 76342, 77300.

Maximum of 6 rolls of ''ti amo'' text ribbon per order.


*Text ribbon ''ti amo'', item number 76341