Natural stone charms Tigereye  heart Golden Brown

Natural stone charms Tigereye heart Golden Brown

Specifications Natural stone charms Tigereye heart: • Our popular natural stone items are scientifically investigated by Hanco Zwaan, mineralogist at the Dutch Gemstone Laboratories in Naturalis. During this research, it became clear which type of rocks the beads are made of. The editing process of the items was researched as well, so that we can tell you exactly what materials your natural stone collection is made of! • This item consists of Tiger eye. This means the item is made out of pure natural stone and has not been altered, apart from grinding and polishing. This is the purest possible form of natural stone. It is said that this type of natural stone has a calming and clarifying effect. • Material pure natural stone

Size: approx. 12x12.5mm (Ø1mm)
Content: 2 pieces
Colour: Golden Brown
Material: Pure natural stone
Item no.: 87837