Beads Wholesale Online proudly presents: ImpressArt. Make personalised jewellery and accessories with the beautiful products of ImpressArt, world leader in metal stamping. 


The collection contains several letter stamps in multiple fonts, upper- and lowercase. The well-known Bridgette and Newsprint, but also several other fonts. Besides letters we offer number, figure and texture stamps. Stamp names or initials, your brand name, a date like a birthdate, figures and patterns by using the steel block and ImpressArt Ergo Hammer. The possibilities are endless. Check out our creations with the products of ImpressArt on our inspiration page.


The ergonomic ImpressArt hammer is designed to stamp with suppleness. The hammer’s weight is distributed evenly, which makes it easier to stamp straight. We also offer a special texture hammer, in which you can place texture stamps. Create beautiful textures into jewellery with these tools.


Besides these basis products there are a few extra tools available to make sure professionals and enthusiastic hobbyists can work with ImpressArt on their own level. There are Stamping Guides, the Simple Strike Jig and Stamp Straight Tape. Handy tools to make sure your creations are neatly aligned. Let your designs pop by using the ImpressArt Enamel Marker. We also offer the two hole punch and hole punch pliers to create charms, pendants and connectors. To create a concave or convex shape you can use the wooden dapping block. To store your ImpressArt items we offer handy storage boxes.


The bracelet bending bar is a perfect tool to create bracelets. Use the bracelet bending pliers as a finishing touch to make your bracelet perfectly round. There are also pliers available to make rings. Watch our video tutorials to see how to make beautiful bracelets and rings in no time. 


ImpressArt stamp labels are most popular to use for stamping, but we found other materials are also very suitable. Like our selection Designer Quality metal and leather. For example stamp your brand name into a DQ metal charm or stamp the name of a loved one into a leather Cuoio keychain.


We get super exited to work with these new products and all the possibilities with ImpressArt to make the most beautiful jewellery and accessories. What are you going to create? Get inspired!