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10 Frequently asked questions afbeelding

1. How long will it take for my favourite product to be back in stock?

We have a large collection of items available in our assortment permanently. We try to keep these items in stock as best to our abilities and we strive to have items that are out of stock delivered as soon as possible. This usually takes a few weeks but as we are depended on our suppliers we can’t give a standard delivery time. Duration of delivery varies per product and supplier. This is why it is not possible to keep every single item in stock at all times. If you have any questions about products and re-stock waiting periods do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

2. How is the jewellery in the photo made?

We like to present our newest items by creating examples of jewellery designs with our beads and findings. This is to give you an impression about our products and the way they can be used. You can view these jewellery sets on our inspiration page. We also list the items we have used to create the jewellery on this page. We also provide instructional videos on how to work with certain items and how to make jewellery. We like to show you these jewellery examples as a mere suggestion. After all, you can use our items in many more ways than we could ever show you. There are no rules on how to use a particular item. This business is about creativity and we try to inspire you as much as we can.

10 Frequently asked questions afbeelding

3. What material was used in these items?

Often you’ll find the material which a product is made of mentioned in the title or the description of that particular item. We always strive to give a detailed description of our items. We have many items of different materials, prices and quality. For example, you can choose between BQ (Basic Quality ) materials and DQ (Designer Quality) materials in which you’ll find the difference in quality is reflected in the pricing. We keep striving to maintain an affordable collection with great value.

4. Do you have a store location or a showroom I can visit?

We are a web only wholesale store. We don’t have a store location you can visit to take a look at our collection. We make sure our web shop is as clear and convenient for you as possible, so you can enjoy browsing our items online. We strive to show our products as realistically as possible by directing our efforts to proper presentation and photography.

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5. What glue is best used?

When we make the example jewellery on our website we usually use super glue. Working with glue can be messy and can cause smudges. It takes some practice and experience to discover what works best. But generally super glue works fine.

6. Do you have any samples?

We generally do not provide samples of our items. We advise you to place a small order instead. Our packages our relatively small. Should you have any doubts about an item it would be advised to start with ordering a single unit first. For any questions about any of our products you can also contact our customer service.

10 Frequently asked questions afbeelding

7. What colour is this product?

We try to make sure our product images match the true colour of our items to the best of our abilities. Still, sometimes a colour might seem different on screen then it does in the package. Every digital screen you look at can have different settings and also colour profiles may vary. This causes the difference in colour you might experience. What colours match? Well, that is just a matter of taste and opinion. For examples you can take a look at our inspiration page.

8. Which products fit one another?

We strive to always mention sizes and possible matches in the description of our findings. Sometimes it is a bit of a struggle to find out what items fit correctly. It’s important to carefully read the product specifications to find out more. We aim to mention the diameter of any opening such as bead holes, charm eyes and locks and mention what kinds of stringing material fits these items.

10 Frequently asked questions afbeelding

9. Do also you deliver to private persons?

Beads Wholesale Online is a business to business web shop. We only deliver to business customers because we are a wholesale business. You can create an account citing your Chamber of Commerce No. To protect our customers the legitimacy of your account will be verified.

10. In what colours are products available?

When we select new products we always pick the most amazing colours we can find for you. We always keep in mind what colours are seasonal trends and make sure to find plenty of neutral colours to match every occasion. We often add new trend colours of an item to our main collection. You can find our newest items in the category new!

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