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christmas 2023

Sparkling jewellery for Christmas 2023

The holidays are approaching and the magic of Christmas is slowly but surely starting to fill the air. With your creativity and these inspirational ideas and tips for Christmas, you can create a sparkling new Christmas collection. In this blog, you can discover ready-made jewellery and simple jewellery that is easy to make, as well as jewellery for creative designers.

Personalized jewellery and stainless steel jewellery for under the Christmas tree


Birthstones for jewellery with a meaning

What could be more festive than giving or receiving a personalized piece of jewellery during the holidays? Use beautiful elements such as birthstones, initial charms or ribbons with text. You can incorporate the birthstones in all your jewellery. Each of the 12 stones represents a month of birth. This makes jewellery with a birthstone personal and perfect to give as a Christmas gift. You can also get started on a colourful series of ribbon bracelets with words like Love or J’adore, or a shining star. Or do you prefer creating jewellery with charms? If so, then jewellery with initial charms or a pretty Christmas charm on a bracelet or necklace will make a great addition to your Christmas collection.


letter beads

Designing personalized jewellery with letter beads

Discover an assortment of letter beads in our online collection, each one you can use when putting together your party collection! Choose, for example  stainless steel and create a necklace with the word 'PARTY' or go for the playful acrylic version to create a festive bracelet. Thread the bracelet onto elastic thread and combine the letters, for example, with sparkling faceted beads or with small gold-coloured DQ metal tube beads. Have these ideas inspired you to get creative?



freshwater pearls

Glitter earrings and freshwater pearls for an elegant touch


During the holidays, jewellery with freshwater pearls and rhinestones is an absolute must-have! So design sets of earrings and bracelets and/or necklaces that can be combined together. To create festive earrings, thread small freshwater rice pearls on nylon wire in the shape of a bow. You could then attach this bow to a hoop earring with a drop of jewellery glue. These earrings can be beautifully paired with a wrap necklace that ends in a bow at the front. Then complete your collection with ready-made jewellery from our collection. By presenting your handcrafted jewellery and ready-made jewellery as sets, your customers will see which items of jewellery match perfectly. 


stainless steel

Stainless steel jewellery


Stainless steel jewellery makes an ideal addition to your handmade jewellery. Stainless steel jewellery is colourfast and hypoallergenic. Choose from rings, earrings and bracelets from the collection and use stainless steel findings such as earrings, clasps and beads in your jewellery. Have you ever thought of designing wine glass charms alongside stainless steel jewellery? It is surprisingly easy! Choose thin stainless steel earrings from our collection and attach beautiful charms to them, such as Christmas charms or natural stone pendants in different colours. A festive idea to introduce to your customers!


Jewellery bags and boxes

Jewellery bags and other Christmas packaging materials


As a final step, take a look at our range of packaging materials for jewellery. Here you will find a large collection of jewellery bags, jewellery (gift) boxes and clutches. The jewellery bags are available in several beautiful colours and different motifs. In addition to this packaging, we also offer unique jewellery cards specially designed by our own design team. Choose a festive jewellery card with a Christmas motif, attach it to a jewellery bag and your jewellery is ready to shine as a gift under the Christmas tree.


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