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What is Cuoio?

Cuoio is a series of products developed by Beads Wholesale Online. The keychains and bracelets consists of genuine European Designer Quality (DQ) leather. This first class Florentine leather comes from Italy. All products out of the Cuoio series are very easy to wear and simple to decorate. Read along! ☆

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The Cuoio serie exists out of various bracelets for women, men and kids. Additional there are also Cuoio keychains, a cool and trendy accessory. The women Cuoio bracelets are available in 8 mm and 15 mm. The 8 mm bracelets also come as a double wrap bracelet, wherefore you can wrap your Cuoio bracelet twice around your wrist. This will give a funky, playful effect. The men’s Cuoio bracelets are available in 15 mm and have cool colours like brown DQ leather, grey and black. Finally the kids bracelets are available in 8 mm and, obviously, have a smaller size then the women 8 mm bracelet, so they’ll fit around the child’s wrist. The kids bracelets are available in lots of fun, bright colours and of course also a few neutral colours.

Cuoio armbanden

Colours and finishes

The Cuoio bracelets and keychains are available in many colours and various finishes. You will come across bright, striking colours, but also neutral colours which will suit the natural appearance of the material. For men you will find a smaller assortment then by the women’s collection. Here we have chosen a few cool neutral colours, with a rugged appearance. The kids collection is smaller and we have chosen more bright colours, because they suit children very well. Finally we also use different finishes for our Cuoio collections, like metallic, holographic and different animal finishes, like snake and panther. There’s something for everyone!


Sliders and cabochons

You can slide DQ European metal sliders onto the leather, which are available for 8 and 15 mm leather. We offer round and square shapes. With these you can personalise your Cuoio bracelets to your own taste. Glue Polaris Elements cabochons into the DQ metal sliders. The stones can easily be glued into the setting with a small drop of jewellery glue. You can mix and match the 12 mm and 20 mm cabochons of Polaris Elements endlessly. But there are so many more cabochons to choose from, like wooden cabochons, DQ leather, faux fur and metal cabochons. The Cuoio slider / setting for 15mm leather and 20 mm cabochons are available in different designs and three different platings. Enough to choose from to create a super trendy Cuoio bracelet! Cuoio is also an ideal saving system. It’s such an easy way to encourage your customers to return to your shop for a new slider with cabochon.


Customising with ImpressArt

The fun thing of the Cuoio bracelets is that you can keep on combining. Besides pimping your Cuoio bracelet with sliders and cabochons, you can do the same with Cuoio keychains. Because the Cuoio serie is made of genuine DQ leather, you can perfectly use our ImpressArt stamps to decorate it! By stamping stamps into the leather you can also add quotes, names or fun symbols to your Cuoio creation. You should definitely take a look at our ImpressArt collection!



I don’t need to tell you anymore that the Cuoio serie is perfectly suited as a present. There are a lot of ways to surprise someone with a Cuoio bracelet. You can, for example, give the bracelet in combination with a few different sliders with cabochons. Or you can give a DIY Cuoio package, with a bracelet, keychain, various cabochons, setting sliders and a small bottle of glue. Whatever way you choose, we also have special Cuoio giftboxes, so you can package your Cuoio gift in a pretty way. Shop them here ★


Take a look at our Cuoio page and keep good track of the website for new models, colours and versions!


See you next time!

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