Summer jewellery 2024


Discover the Ibiza Vibe: Jewellery trends for a colourful collection

The countdown to the long sunny days has begun: Summer is coming! It's time to bring out your colourful and breezy outfits, perfect for long days at the beach. Our jewellery is reminded of the sparkling sea and vibrant sea life. Therefore, we present the latest summer jewellery trends that perfectly match the Ibiza summer vibes and should definitely not be missing from your collection. Take a quick look, get inspired by the Ibiza summer vibes, and find your new favourites!


Colorful necklaces and necklace with charms

Start with a necklace made of natural materials such as shell tubes, large shiny freshwater pearls and fine ceramic beads. These materials are not only beautiful but also feel pleasant against the skin under the warm sun. For those who love the trend of the moment, you can choose a necklace with charms. Choose a variety of charms, such as shell charms, ceramic flower charms, and shimmering crystal glass charms.  

summer trends

Stylish Ibiza jewellery and accessories for summer 

This season, we are introduced to the charming addition of sea life elements, which perfectly complement stylish Ibiza jewellery. You will see the elements in a trendy necklace, stylish bracelet, as well as in a sunglass cord, made of colourful chipstones and elegant stainless steel shells, which will give your look a unique twist. A bag pendant, richly decorated with a mix of ceramic beads, polymer beads and shimmering pearls, is also an absolutely on-trend accessory. This Ibiza jewellery will ensure you stay both stylish and organised next season. 

summer trends

Colourful and outspoken

This summer is about colourful jewellery - the more vibrant, the better! Perfect for creating eye-catching summer jewellery. You'll see these colours in, for example, a necklace with charms, where each colourful charm tells its own story. Also not to be missed are eye-catching rattan pendant earrings, which add a natural yet colourful touch to any outfit. Add flair with pins and brooches in various colours to really make your look stand out. Don't forget anklets with coloured pearls that embellish every step. Like last season, stack these items for a more layered, distinct look. Consider combining colourful necklaces and anklets alongside your other jewellery. This colourful jewellery is ideal for putting together your summer jewellery assortment.




Sea treasures

Sealife treasures

As nature inspired us last season, sealife charms remain an absolute trend this summer. Think beads and charms in the shape of shells, fish, dolphins and starfish, which are not only beautiful, but also a must-have for any jewellery lover. Whether you incorporate them into earrings, anklets, bikini ornaments or an eye-catching necklace with charms, these charms are simply indispensable. Even the more subdued sealife items can be beautifully paired with the other 2024 summer jewellery. Which sparkly sealife accessories will you go for this summer?

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