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    This beautiful series of inspired temple bangles was inspired by the temple jewellery bangles everyone wants to wear! You receive a fantastic outcome if you wear several bangles around one wrist. The original buddhist temple bracelet is only available in gold. This flexible bangle is covered with a layer of gold leaf. You will find inspired temple bangles in different colours and in gold and silver at your favorite webshop beads-wholesale-online. There are three different sizes in the collection, so everyone can wear the bangles. You will find inspired temple bangles in S, M and L. Moreover, all sizes are available in 3 and 5 mm. Combine the different colours and diameters with each other and wear a bunch of bangles around your wrist to achieve a super trendy look!


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    This collection inspired temple bangles is, just like the real buddhist temple bracelet, made of a flexible material. Our inspired temple bangles are made of pvc so you can slide them easily around your wrist. The bangles are also super light to wear! The pvc tube, which is hollow, is filled with a powder which gives the colour to the transparent bracelet. Just like the original buddhist temple bracelet. The Indian monks say that these temple jewellery bangles bring good luck and love. We just love to wear them because they go with every outfit. Adjust the colour of your inspired temple bangles to your outfit and wear the golden and silver bangles together with the coloured ones and combine the two different thicknesses. Since the bangles are so light, you can wear a whole bunch of them together! The motto is: the more the merrier!